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Strait Silver Badge
We are attempting to get a web site for Strait Silver Badge. This picture and description is for Dauphin who is one of our Hanoverian Stallions used.


  by Donnerhall/ Feiner Stern
Black, born 1999

Breeding station 2003:
Central insemination centre Celle

HLP 2002:
Total index 115,44 / Dressage 125,13 / Jumping 99,17

The black stallion Dauphin descends from the famous dressage stallion Donnerhall, which passed on his talent for dressage to his son. The elegant stallion shows three excellent basic gaits, especially his walk is highly above average. Dauphin was bred by Maxine Mickel at Hiddestorf and raised by Marefield Meadows Inc., Hiddestorf.